EOS Nairobi Presentations Before the Kenya Blockchain TaskForce

EOS Nairobi presenting before the Kenya Blockchain Taskforce. Pictures by Kadesa

The Blockchain Taskforce of Kenya had a busy week as it finally got down to the business of listening and reviewing the presentations that were scheduled to begin this week.

Among them were two presentations from the EOS Nairobi community that sought to offer solutions on the EOS Blockchain to solve a lot of the challenges locally.

The DLBRT Presentations

The DLBRT Team headed by Amos presents before the Blockchain TaskForce

The first presentation was by the DLBRT team which looked at the various use cases for EOS.IO and how their solutions will plug into the ecosystem that will be going live from June.

After a detailed explanation of the Blockchain, the team delved into how distributed ledgers can help solve the problem of centralized ledgers. They looked at the opportunities and the challenges of blockchain and how the EOS 3.0 blockchain is the most preferred platform to execute a lot of the proposed blockchain projects.

One of the projects the DLBRT team seeks to revive is the now defunct Nyumba Kumi initiative. The team is looking at implementing the noble idea on the EOS blockchain using modern approaches that foster community growth.

The ‘Book of Blockchain’ Presentation

EOS Nairobi team talking about the “Book of Blockchain” before the Kenya Blockchain TaskForce

The EOS Nairobi Team was up on the following day to present on the distributed ledgers and why EOS is the preferred blockchain of choice for implementations.

The team highlighted the opportunities, challenges, interoperability and recommendations of distributed ledgers before diving into the EOS platform.

According to the team, ‘The Book of Blockchain’ gives an account that is chronological, permanent, publicly verifiable, and immutable. Some of the opportunities the team highlighted that the blockchain offers includes:

  • Provenance: Proof of Ownership
  • Time-Stamping
  • Record Keeping
  • Security
  • Identity: Record Keeping
  • Micro-Transactions
  • Smart Contracts
  • Anonymity

The team recommended EOS.IO due to its speed, the availability of a constitution, the arbitration process, and the use of its cutting edge graphene technology.

In addition the use of a delegated proof of stake to avoid malicious voting, the ability to write Dapps, and support for smart contracts were also highlighted.

Looking Ahead

The Blockchain taskforce was obviously impressed by the organization and articulate presentations of the EOS Nairobi team. The teams are looking forward to a second meeting to deliberate further with the taskforce and the CS on the way forward.


We are following up on the story and will keep you updated on the progress.