Kilimanjaro Aion Network Mainnet Going Live on 25/04/2018

Aion Network Mainnet Launch

It has been a long time coming but finally, the Aion Network will be going Live today at 10AM EST.

The Kilimanjaro Network

Aion’s Mainnet dubbed, The Kilimanjaro Network, will be launched on April 25th, 2018 at 10:00 AM EST. The launch will be streamed live on YouTube.

You can check out the livestream here:

A Blockchain usually has a Main-net and a Test-net. The mainnet is the main node that actually transfers value, like money, while a testnet is simply for testing without any transfer of value.

With the launch of the Kilimanjaro Network mainnet, Aion will have set the foundation for blockchain interoperability. The launch will be followed by the deployment of the Token Bridge making it possible to transfer AION (ERC-20) tokens on Ethereum into native AION coins.

During the launch event you will hear from the founders of the project as well as see the global Aion team. Kenya being one of the stops, we can expect to see some of the teams being highlighted at the launch.

Kenya and the Aion Network

Aion Network Meetup at Nailab, Nairobi, Kenya

Recently, the Aion Team, led by the founder, Matt Spoke, visited Kenya as part of their world tour to build communities and bring awareness to this third-generation network. The current crop of blockchain developers in Kenya have shown great support to the blockchain together with Matt and his team.

Here is the full interview with founder, Matt Spoke, when he was in Kenya recently: