Utu House – Home of Blockchain and AI – Launches in Nairobi, Kenya

After a long time coming, a dedicated house for the Blockchain community in Kenya has finally been launched. Dubbed Utu House, the space affords developers, entrepreneurs, and the wider blockchain community, a place they can call their own.

According to the founder and CEO of Utu, Jason Eisen, the new location is now open for membership and provides members a place to meet, work on projects, and organize community meetups and events.

Currently, some of the teams and projects working out of the space include EOS Nairobi and MaraMoja Transport.


A Dedicated Community Space

Bastian Blankenburg CTO, UTU, speaking during the official launch of UTU House.

According to Jason:

“Utu House is set up to be a co-working space, a community hub, a place for events, meetings, collaboration, and practitioners involved in blockchain and AI. There is a huge amount of value that can be gained from having a strong cohesive community that can move in one direction, share lessons learned, experience, and grow with each other. That was the idea behind UTU House.”

Some of the founding members of the house include:

The official launch culminated in the launch of the Nairobi City AI chapter which featured among others the AI Kenya lead giving a presentation on where AI is in Kenya.

We believe the new hub will help grow and bring together the blockchain and AI community in Kenya.