Blockchain for Agribusiness – A Blockchain Supply Chain Showcased at the ‘Meet the Farmers’ Conference

There is a lot of buzz and events around blockchain in various industries, but none of these have truly addressed the local farmer and shown how the technology can be adopted in the agriculture supply chain.

The ‘Meet the Farmers’ Conference was aimed, not only at bringing players and stakeholders together to discuss farmers issues, but also talking of the latest technology that will help them manage and run a more efficient supply chain.

The ‘Meet the Farmers’ Conference offered a great opportunity to Lionel, a young and vibrant blockchain consultant, to showcase a blockchain-based supply chain that would help farmers adopt the new technology using smart contracts.

As adoption of blockchain takes place across the various industries, with many Kenyan companies looking into the technology deeply, it will be interesting to see how such implementations take effect and offer the local mkulima a lasting and trustworthy supply chain solution.