⚡ BOLT.GLOBAL Announces a Live AMA with the African Community ⚡

The BOLT.Global Team is excited to announce a Live AMA with the African Community this coming Thursday!!

The AMA session, in partnership with BitcoinKE, is open to all who would like to learn more about the BOLT initiative in Africa.

Both of the Bolt Founders – Jamal Hassim and Christel Quek – will be available Live to share the BOLT Vision and answer your most probing questions.

Before sending in your questions and attending the AMA, we encourage you to review the BOLT Whitepaper (https://docsend.com/view/enauvz7) so you can be fully informed on the day.



⚡ Thursday January 17th, 8:00PM East African Time (GMT+3)

⚡ Submitting Questions:

– Join the Bolt Africa Official Telegram Channel (https://t.me/boltafricaofficial). The first 100 to Join will be rewarded with 1 BOLT Token.

– Before the AMA, submit you Questions on our BOLT Africa Telegram Channel. The Ten Best questions will be rewarded with 10 BOLT Tokens.

– Join the ZOOM Conference and ask questions live (the link will be posted in the Bolt Africa Telegram on the day)

BOLT is greatly looking forward to interacting with the African Community during the AMA.




BOLT.Global is an operational, decentralized, mobile focused video content platform centered on delivering live (e.g. Live TV, Premium Sports) and Trending video highlights (<5 min in duration per clip) to emerging markets that are constrained by bandwidth. Today, the platform has 3.5M users streaming its service on web and Android. (iOS releasing soon), with partners in Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Kenya and South Africa.

Through its ongoing partner program to bring large scale adoption and offering content exclusively to BOLT Token holders, the BOLT vision is to become the world’s largest content driven App Wallet.