VIDEO: The BOLT GLOBAL AMA Hosted by BitcoinKE

Bolt Global, a content platform powered by mobile and the Bolt Token engaged the East African community on an Ask Me Anything (AMA) session that was hosted by BitcoinKE last week.

The AMA session featured the two Bolt Global co-founders, Jamal Hassim, a veteran TV industry expert, and Christel Quek, former head of content at Twitter.

In this session, the co-founders answer the following questions LIVE from the community:

  • Where did the idea for BOLT.GLOBAL come from?
  • What is BOLT’s Vision & Mission?
  • What is BOLT’s strategy for realising the Vision Globally and in East Africa/Kenya?
  • What markets is BOLT currently operating in?
  • What is the Total Addressable audience so far?
  • Who are Bolt’s major Partners and why are they strategic (by market)?
  • How BOLT is different from over video platform (YT, Netflix, Viusasa, etc.)?
  • What is BOLT Business Model?
  • What is the purpose of BOLT Token and what is their use case?
  • What’s your 1, 2 and 5 year plan for Kenya? After the launch and the office, what next? Thanks.
  • What is so unique about BOLT compared to legendary Kenyan altcoins like shilling coin?
  • What are the use cases in terms of utility for the token?
  • Why does BOLT need blockchain and how does it relate to data plans or advertising revenue?
  • Are you also looking at audio books and having these added to the App as it is accessing audio books is limited?

The BOLT team was delighted to announce partnerships with big content players in the country that include Safaricom and Nation Media Group to enable wide distribution of the video content on the platform.

By setting up an office locally in Kenya, the company is focused on growing the East African community and building independent content creators that would help power the blockchain platform.