Pushing for Blockchain Technology Adoption in the Kenya Construction Industry

The Association of Construction Managers of Kenya has stated that it is committed to adopting the blockchain technology to ensure transparency in construction approvals.

Speaking to BitcoinKE, the chairman of the association, Nashon Okowa, said that it is time the association adopted some of these digital technologies that its counterparts are already implementing in other parts of the world.

“Construction has become dynamic, it has become complex, and it needs technology to assist you, and blockchain is one area we can leverage on. We’re pushing through education, workshop and conferences and we’re slowly getting there.”

Okowa said that the association is keen on ensuring this technology gets adopted with the help of project managers.

Okowa has previously spoken on the association’s commitment to adopting blockchain during the launch of the first physical blockchain book in Kenya at Strathmore University and he is committed to seeing this through.


Look out for the full interview coming soon on BitcoinKE