[VIDEO] Utu Technologies – Building a Trust Engine Infrastructure On the Blockchain in Kenya

Utu Technologies, which is building a Trust Engine Infrastructure on top of the Aeternity Blockchain, has an interesting approach to how current recommendation engines work.

The company presented at the World AI Show 2019 in Nairobi, Kenya, and showcased how its trust engine infrastructure works and its effectiveness compared to existing Internet-based systems.

96 Percent Prefer a Socially-Referred Driver Over a Highly-Rated Driver

Utu Technologies is the company behind the ride-hailing app, Maramoja. The app uses a Trust Engine to recommend ‘a social favorite driver’ or rides as opposed to existing apps like Uber and Taxify.

Utu offers its Trust Engine API to Third-Party Services

The tokenized trusted service also includes an API which enables other companies to leverage on the technology to build trusted services on top of the Utu Trust Engine. The company recently announced a partnership with GrayChain to leverage on its trust engine to build a crypto credit scoring ecosystem using the service.

Utu is Offering a Token for its Trust Engine , essentially Tokenizing Trust

Utu Technologies also came on top and won the 2019 Regional Trescon Startup AI World Cup Show at the event which qualifies the company to pitch at the upcoming Startup World Cup Show in San Francisco and stands to win $1M.

Utu Technologies – Home of Blockchain & AI in Kenya, wins the 2019 Trescon Regional Startup World Cup in Nairobi, Kenya