South Africa’s Crypto Platform, CoinDirect, Launches a First-of-its-Kind Brokerage System for Large Volume Transactions


CoinDirect, a South African cryptocurrency trading platform, has launched a brokerage system for traders looking to do large volume cryptocurrency transactions.

The over-the-counter model is a first of its kind in South Africa as it is designed to save time on research and money for traders.


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According to Nic Haralambous, COO, CoinDirect:

“With Bitcoin quotes locked in once confirmed and processed instantly with no fees for conversion, when using the CoinDirect wallet, and no slippage. Through the OTC desk, traders are able to avoid lengthy transactions, as well as avoid a fee of up to 2% charged by other exchanges for instant large volume trades.”

The new service will prove valuable to large volume traders as current exchanges sometimes have delays of upwards of 12 hours during which crypto prices may fluctuate.

CoinDirect has also made other updates over the last month that include credit card payments like MasterCard with no verification up to to a certain limit, instant crypto withdrawals, and higher limits for crypto transactions both for credit card and wallet purchases.

Speaking on these new updates to the platform, Nic said:

“Many of the updates have been the result of discussions with traders on what they need to take their bitcoin trading to the next level. We have always envisioned CoinDirect as a platform that exists as a solution, and the OTC model is just that.”




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