Blockchain Association of Uganda and Bank of Uganda’s FMDC Host a Blockchain and Crypto Assets Workshop

The Blockchain Association of Uganda in partnership with the Central Bank of Uganda’s Finance Markets Development Committee (FMDC) have organized a Blockchain and Crypto Assets workshop.

The event, themed “Framing a Conducive Policy for Blockchain Technology and Crypto Assets in Uganda,” is aimed at providing a platform to better understand blockchain and crypto assets and the entire ecosystem.


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The aim of the workshop is to deliver on the following objectives:

  • Discussion on the mechanics for formulation of a conducive Policy for blockchain & crypto assets
  • Deepening understanding of blockchain technology, crypto assets, and the entire ecosystem of the interaction within the Ugandan and global economies
  • Discussing regulatory sandboxes, places for innovators to share and register their ideas, while providing use cases for regulators to better interact with the technology

According to the event preamble shared with BitcoinKE:

“The workshop shall delve deeper into the current trends related to appropriate policies for blockchain and crypto assets in Uganda and discuss other associated topics such as KYC, AML, and regulatory sandboxes in Uganda. This workshop is in line with 2 of FMDCs objectives which are to strengthen the regulatory and supervisory framework within the financial sector and to expand the use of technology delivery channels & strengthen financial infrastructure to promote innovation.

The workshop is looking to bridge the knowledge gap amongst both financial authorities and general public interested in investing in crypto assets. The workshop includes industry experts, financial sector regulators, and various stakeholders in the public and private sector that interface, or will interface with blockchain technology.

Some select speakers at the event include:

  • Simon Rutega – Advisor, FMDC, Bank of Uganda
  • Kwame Rugunda – Chairman, Blockchain Association of Uganda
  • Noah Balessanvu – Blockchain Association of Uganda
  • Robert Kirunda – Legal, Blockchain Association of Uganda
  • Joseph Lutwama – FSD Uganda
  • Peter Brereton – ChainAlysis

The workshop comes at a time when the Bank of Uganda (BoU) has established a Blockchain Working Group within the bank and as the Ugandan Government is actively looking at the blockchain technology especially with the recent statements from the Ministry of Finance, Uganda.




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