1 in 15 Blockchain Projects Selected for the Aeternity Blockchain StarFleet Genesis Program is African

The Aeternity Starfleet Volume 3 – Malta Edition – has selected 15 of the best teams to participate. Out of the selected 15, only one project, Farmchain, is African.

The Starfleet program is an annual program which sees blockchain projects across the world apply in order to qualify for seed funding. The Volume 3 edition saw over 100 applications from blockchain startups from all over the world.

According to Aeternity:

“We received submissions from China, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Phillipines, Singapore, South Korea, Russia, Iran, Pakistan, India, Tunisia, Yemen, Jordan, Egypt, UAE, Tanzania, Zambia, Nigeria, all over Europe, USA, Canada, Venezuela  . . . and the list continues!”

FarmChain, the Nigerian blockchain project is reinforcing the solid African presence in Starfleet by building a B2B and B2C food and farm production traceability dApp, as well as a management solution.

FarmChain was the only African project selected for the Aeternity Starfleet Vol. 3 Program

So far, Farmchain already has 30 tokenized farms in Nigeria.

The top 15 blockchain projects selected include:

  • SmartCredit (Switzerland) – Interest-bearing value-protected transferable tokenized credit money on blockchain
  • Cannomy (Ireland) – A Pan-European project uniting cannabis entrepreneurs with investors, providing funding infrastrucuture, and cannabis business operations
  • Real Fund (Spain) – Democratized real estate financing through tokenized equity, revenue or debt, for funding and investment opportunities
  • Comunitaria (Spain) – Building a bridge between the smart city and smart home with a transparent platform that reduces property management costs
  • a-Qube (Estonia) – A P2P mobile incubator that bridges innovators with startups, organizations, and entrepreneurs
  • Farmchain (Nigeria) – A blockchain B2B and B2C tokenization food and farm production traceability dApp and management solution
  • BITINEXT (Australia & USA) – A competitive decentralized platform providing access to pricing on various crypptocurrencies
  • KingFootball (Switzerland) – An innovative blockchain platform that blends unique marketing between football market makers and consumers
  • Assetify (Bulgaria) – A multi-platform lending infrastructure supporting cryptocurrencies to enable small and large institutions provide crypto-backed loans
  • Sesame (Bulgaria) – Digitizing parking spaces, allow secure and decentralized access, as well as monetization of unused parking spaces
  • CrowdClick (Czech Republic) – A decentralized platform permitting crypto wallet holders to check and view blockchain projects and enable publishers receive audience feedback
  • Noderix (Turkey) – A decentralized cloud platform using wireless technology for communication and data collection from wireless sensors within an area
  • ConStats (Armenia) – A blockchain platform enabling users to easily manage their crypto holdings in one place using a one-click to buy / sell concept
  • Colocals (Czech Republic) – A co-creation platform uniting local businesses with local people through feedback and involvement on both ends
  • Gameternity (Spain) – A decentralized marketplace for video games and an entry point of tokenizing video games and game players

The above startups will undergo intense mentoring from 4th – 10th November 2019 out of which 10 of the above projects will be selected fro a final mentorship program that will see the selected teams receive an investment offer for up to $100, 000 in AE tokens and further mentorship and acceleration.

Other African projects that have previously participated and won the Aeternity Starfleet Funding have included Utu Technologies and RideSafe, both blockchain projects from Kenya.