Barclays Kenya Begins Transition to ABSA and Says it Will Not Be Supporting Crypto Yet

Barclays Kenya, in a recent report said that its transition into ABSA is 80 per cent complete with the first ABSA-branded branches already operational.

In a tweet, Barclays Kenya announced and unveiled their ongoing re-branding efforts, even showcasing the first looks of the new branches.

The bank has said it will introduce ABSA’s warm and vibrant red color palette to the branches, ATMs, and other assets over the next few months.

BitcoinKE reached out to Barclays Kenya to find out if the re-branding will come with upgraded services including the ability to run crypto accounts for anyone in the crypto industry.

“As at now, we do not support the services.” – Barclays Kenya

When asked why they would not adopt crypto, they said:

“We are really excited about the new innovation ideas coming up in the financial industry as we transition to ABSA. We are keen on this space and we shall definitely be investing a lot of resources towards creating fit solutions.”

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Barclays Kenya has been one of the most progressive banks in the region having announced a 14 per cent profit after tax for Q3, 2019 with a 12 per cent increase in its total assets within the same period.

While ABSA South Africa is one of the many banks in the country enabling crypto exchanges to operate and run bank accounts, it remains to be seen if ABSA Kenya will eventually take the same route as cryptocurrencies continue to gain adoption across the African continent.



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