Active Dapp Users Doubled in 2019 According to the Annual Dapp Market Report

The 2019 Annual Dapp Market Report is out and shows the number of active dapp users in 2019 to have doubled compared to 2018, from 1.48M to 3.11M.

Below are some other highlights from the 2019 report:

  • 3.11 million active dapp users up from 1.48 million in 2018
  • Financial dapp users increased by 610%
  • Financial dapp volumes increased by 251%
  • Native tokens volumes from 9 leading blockchains increased by 58.5% and reached $10B
  • Blockchain gaming users increased by 162%
  • Gambling apps users doubled and up by 372%
  • Compared to 2018, the volume of gaming dapp went down nearly 64%
  • A total of 1,445 new dapps launched on the 6 largest smart contract platforms, of which 690 are Ethereum-based and 411 are built on TRON
  • The EOS dapps almost generated a volume of $5B, nearly 50% of the total volume and surpassed Ethereum and TRON and became the top one in 2019
  • Ethereum has over 1.4 million active dapp users throughout the year, including 1.28M new users and 137K old users
  • EOS dapp has the highest activity among all the platforms: 479 out of 493 dapps were active, reaching 97%.
  • EOS had the highest dapp usage rate from its mainnet accounts – 48.91%. This means that there was 1 account that uses EOS dapps in every 2 accounts activated
  • Gambling and high-risk dapps are still the most popular dapps for developers, with more than 900 apps launched combined. The number of new users’ growth of gambling is the most significant – with over 1.1M new users
  • Gambling dapp is the only type of application that has over 1 million new users, which is more than the total amount of dapp users on Ethereum in 2018
  • DeFi dapps (Finance dapps and DEXs) are the second-largest category of dapp in the whole dapp ecosystem, with a total of over 1M active users
  • By the end of 2019, only 199 out of the 1,468 dapps launched in 2018 remain active. The one-year survival rate of new dapps in 2018 was 38.2%, while the one-year survival rate of new dapps in 2019 is only 31%
  • 50% of daily active dapp users were gamblers, and almost 40% of the total number of active users were gambling dapp users
  • TRON has become the blockchain with the largest amount of daily active users since November 2019
  • In 2019, ETH had more than 200K gamers, which was twice the sum of EOS and TRON gamers
  • 70% of the volume generated by the native ETH token was the use of decentralized exchanges and financial services, such as lending and etc
  • EIDOS has contributed 85% of the total amount of transaction of EOS in 2019
  • TRON accrued nearly 1M active dapp users in 2019 becoming the 2nd-largest dapp ecosystem in number of dapps and active users after Ethereum
  • Over 75% of the active users and volume on TRON came from gambling and high-risk dapps

Decentralized application use saw impressive growth in 2019 with transaction volumes, active users, and active dapps showing a steep upward curve. 2020 is slated for even more impressive growth.

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