South Africa’s Project Khokha Among 8 Real-World Global Blockchain Case Studies Highlighted by ConsenSys

In an effort to showcase and highlight real-world industry-changing Ethereum blockchain solutions for the sectors of finance, international trade, supply chain, government, social impact, and more, ConsenSys has recognized Project Khokha among the top 8.

Among the blockchain commerce and finance case studies listed include:

  • MythX: Facilitating cryptocurrency subscription payments for enterprise
  • Mata Capital: Catalyzing real estate investments with blockchain technology in France
  • HMLR: Exploring real estate asset tokenization in the UK
  • Komgo: A blockchain-based open platform that is bringing commodity trade finance into the 21st century by optimizing financing processes and accelerating industry operations with digitized transactions and a trusted source of documents to reduce fraud in Europe

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  • August Debouzy: ConsenSys and August Debouzy combine their expertise to offer asset managers, investors, distributors, and enterprises a joint Security Token Offering (STO)* service in France
  • Project i2i: An Enterprise Ethereum payment network driving financial inclusion in the Philippines through more accessible and more efficient domestic transactions
  • Project Khokha: Increasing transaction volume and network resilience while maintaining confidentiality requirements for real-time gross settlement on Enterprise Ethereum in central banking in South Africa
  • Project Ubin: A consortium effort that explores the benefits of distributed ledger technology on implementing a real-time gross settlement solution in central banking in Singapore

According to ConsenSys:

“In consortium with seven commercial banks, SARB partnered with ConsenSys Solutions and Adhara, to build a proof-of-concept grounded in real-world performance, confidentiality requirements, and diverse bank hardware on the blockchain—without a single point of failure. By harnessing a permissioned blockchain network, the Istanbul Byzantine Fault Tolerance consensus mechanism, Pedersen commitments, and range proofs, Project Khoka was able to replicate interbank clearing and settlements in less than two hours.”

Project Khokha is a proof-of-concept interbank payment and settlement system by the South African Reserve Bank (SARB) that is based on the Quorum blockchain. The project is also the first blockchain-based initiative in Africa to receive global recognition.



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