[PODCAST] BitKesh and Uhuru Wallet and How They are Solving the Remittance Problem in Southern Africa with Reginald Tsvetu

We caught up with Reginald Tsvetu once again to discuss BitKesh, the revolutionary crypto startup serving the South African – Zimbabwean remittance corridor. We also got to discuss about their latest project, the Uhuru Wallet, the accompanying uZAR stablecoin, and how their developments are coming along.

Reginald is the Co-Founder of BitKesh and the new Uhuru Wallet, and he breaks down how running a crypto startup in Southern Africa looks like. BitKesh has been operational for two years, and according to him, they are barely scratching the surface in serving the over one million Zimbabweans living and working in South Africa.

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In this podcast, Tsvetu breaks down the following for us:

  • How is BitKesh doing amid the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown?
  • How many users is BitKesh currently serving in Southern Africa?
  • What are the uptake challenges for BitKesh?
  • What are the regulatory challenges you face in Southern Africa?
  • What influenced the building of the Uhuru Wallet?
  • Who are the target users for BitKesh vs. Uhuru Wallet?
  • Why did you choose to build Uhuru on Stellar blockchain?
  • Do you see the Uhuru Wallet being a game changer?
  • When can we expect the Uhuru Wallet stablecoin to launch?
  • Where do you see BitKesh and Uhuru in the near future?
  • Can we expect BitKesh and Uhuru wallet to work together?


To learn more about BitKesh and Uhuru Wallet, check out the resources below:


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