Binance to Launch in Kenya with 0% P2P Trading Fees – MPESA Integration Coming Soon

Binance is planning to officially launch Binance Kenya soon.

The Binance P2P platform will have 0% escrow trading fees for all traders and will also fully launch the MPESA payment option after weeks of successful testing sometime in mid-July 2020.

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In a conversation with BitcoinKE, the new Binance representative in Kenya said Binance is excited to be officially launching and the Kenyan community can expect lots of activities, events, and giveaways in the next couple of weeks.

BitcoinKE recently learned that Binance was testing out the MPESA payment option on a select number of traders which was a clear sign that the payment option would be ready once this was done.

It looks like the option will finally now be available to Binance P2P users in Kenya upon signup.

Unlike platforms like Paxful, where traders using the platform incur a 1% escrow fee, Binance P2P will have no trading fees at all which is expected to offer better returns for P2P traders.

According to the Kenya representative, the next couple of weeks will now involve onboarding and training traders on how to get started onto Binance P2P and grow a thriving P2P trading community on the platform.

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