The 2020 Leaders in Crypto Education

Education is the most valuable tool in turning a profit. You want to make a load of money? Educate yourself. But we’re not talking college here — though that is one way. There are plenty of methods to learn about almost anything…and nowhere is education more important to making money and staying safe than in the crypto space.

The best resources for a proper crypto education are self evident. So let’s cover a few new methods in 2020 and why they’re necessary. 

Also keep in mind that this article won’t point to many specific sources. This is because people and sites may enter or exit the crypto education stage. But these tips should help you become educated in a more timeless manner.


Crypto Education Through Daily News

Advances in blockchain and the crypto space in general move at lightning fast speeds. Find yourself a good crypto news site and try to check it often. 

In 2020 and every year a crypto news site will let you know about:

  • Innovations

Ethereum 2.0 for example is coming out later in 2020. This will be a significant moment when Ethereum switches from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake. Such a switch may have a significant impact on price, volatility, and adoption of the Ethereum protocol itself. 

  • Hacks

News sites should keep you updated on hacks that might happen. If a large exchange is hacked then you might want to make sure you’re not one of the users of that exchange. Or if you are then how can you get your funds back or if they’re safe. It might also serve to warn you if the stolen funds are somehow large enough to affect the price of a cryptocurrency. 

  • Scams

A good crypto education news site will also keep you updated on any scams that might be happening so that you don’t get caught up in one. It might also serve to educate on how to spot and avoid scams in the crypto space. Education in the crypto space in 2020 about scams is more important than ever. New people are entering the space and they should protect themselves from falling for scams by educating themselves on how to spot such crypto scams in progress. 

Crypto Education Through Youtube Thought Leaders

Youtube is grounds for anyone with a camera and microphone to say whatever they want and broadcast it to the world. Sometimes this does more harm than good. If you want to find the 2020 leader in crypto education on Youtube, then you need to make sure they match several criteria.

  • No Shills

Shilling is defined as “the act of using propaganda to promote something for a financial incentive. Shilling is a negative word often used when a person promotes something so they can earn money. But shilling can also be used when a person makes negative, sometimes false, accusations about something.

With cryptocurrencies, shillers tend to promote the crypto so that interest grows, people buy it, and the price increases.”

You’ll find plenty of shills on Youtube. It’s best to avoid them. They don’t have your best interest in mind. They may talk a big game about how this new cryptocurrency or a different one will make money for you or how it’s technology is the greatest thing since sliced bread — but if they’re being paid to tell you these things then it’s all worse than worthless — it’s harmful.

  • Current Topics

Some Youtube channels hold great, meaningful, educational content, but they’re old. Blockchain technology is always developing. Even Bitcoin itself has undergone changes such as Segwit, Lightening nodes, and other improvements that you should know about. 

Find a source that is both reliable and current, not to mention knowledgeable as well. 

Crypto Education Through Meetups

Reading and watching educational channels is one thing, but meeting in person and discussing the topics is where the education really sinks in. 

Get on or Facebook or another platform in your area for finding groups of like-minded people. Search for “bitcoin” and “ethereum” and “cryptocurrency” — unless you live in the middle of nowhere, you’ll be able to find a group that meets up once a month or so.

These groups are perhaps the most important leaders in crypto education in 2020 because they challenge you to not only listen with a critical mind, but to also discuss and share your points of view. 

The more you discuss your thoughts, the clearer they become. 

Your views about certain coins will change. You’ll perhaps have a chance to buy or sell cryptocurrencies at these meetups and feel what it’s like to transact in person rather than just online all the time. 

There you have it: the 2020 leaders in crypto education and what to watch for. Remember, the leaders in education are not always people and sites. People and sites may enter or exit the space. But these types of tips will last much longer.


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