You can Now Import Your P2P Paxful and LocalBitcoins History and Reputation onto LocalCryptos

Do you have a trading history on Paxful or LocalBitcoins?

According to LocalCryptos, you can now bring your reputation from these P2P platforms right onto LocalCryptos!

Building a reputation on P2P involves time and effort and starting from zero on another platform is not easy. LocalCryptos now acknowledges your reputation on these other platforms.

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So far, over 3.2 million trade counts have been imported over to LocalCryptos profiles.

To import your reputation into LocalCryptos, here are the steps:

  • Create an account on LocalCryptos
  • Go to ‘Account’ > ‘Import Reputation’
  • Choose ‘Paxful’ or ‘LocalBitcoins’ and enter your username and platform
  • Copy the unique code that is generated
  • Go to your Paxful profile and paste the code in your public bio
  • Click ‘Next’ to submit the application

Once the LocalCryptos team verifies your account belongs to you, your reputation will be shown on your profile allowing others to recognize and trust you.

P2P platforms like LocalCryptos have been growing exponentially across the African continent.

According to latest stats, Nigeria is among the top five countries that grew in released volumes over the last 90 days on LocalCryptos.

This week, Paxful weekly volumes in Sub-Haran African have similarly continued to grow as shown below:


Peer to peer marketplaces like Localcryptos are the safest because they never hold user private keys. They are pure peer-to-peer crypto exchanges. As a result, they can never truly be regulated.


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