[PODCAST] How Beyonic and MFS Africa are Enabling the SME Digital Payment Space in Africa, with Carina

We caught up with Carina Rumberger, the Founder and CEO of Beyonic.

Beyonic recently got acquired by MFS Africa, the largest digital payments hub on the African continent. The startup offers a simple, 2-way payments management toolbox with access to over 26 mobile money networks and over 20 banks in 9 African countries through a single sign-on.

Having been in operation for 7 years now, Carina offered some sage advice when it comes to digital payments adoption and use cases, especially on the African continent:

“It takes time to grow into new markets.” ~ Carina, CEO, Beyonic

MFS Africa connects more than 200 million mobile wallets on the continent through one API  in 34 African countries, while Beyonic focuses on domestic payments and collections coupled with secure front-end business functionality.


SEE ALSOMFS Africa, Africa’s Largest Digital Payments Hub, Acquires Beyonic, to Extend Cross-border Mobile and Banking Digital Payments to African SMEs


Carina also dives deep into how the MFS Africa acquisition came about and how she sees this changing the digital payments space across the continent.

In this podcast, Carina answers the following questions:

  • Who is Carina and what is your background?
  • Tell us about Beyonic and the problems it is solving in Africa?
  • What is the state of digital payments in Africa?
  • What is your opinion of cryptocurrencies?
  • What companies have you worked with / facilitated in the crypto remittance payment space in Africa?
  • How did the MFS Africa acquisition come about and what does it mean for the SME digital payment space in Africa?
  • What is the future of digital payments on the African continent?

To learn more about Beyonic and MFS Africa, check out the resources below:


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