[PODCAST] How Quidax, a Nigerian Crypto Exchange, is Looking to Bring Crypto in Africa, the African Way, with Buchi

We caught up with Buchi, the Founder and CEO of Quidax Exchange, one of the leading Nigerian exchangeanva

Quidax is a Nigerian exchange that has quickly grown in popularity in Nigeria with expansion plans into other countries such as Ghana.

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Quidax exchange offers Nigerian crypto users the ability to settle to local bank accounts instantly, roughtly within two minutes. The exchange is building the infrastructure that powers crypto-fiat transactions across Africa enabling app developers to plug into its infrastructure via plug-and-play APIs.

The exchange has integrated with major banks to make all this possible.

In this podcast, Buchi breaks down the following for us:

  • A brief intro of the founder and how they got into crypto
  • How Quidax came to be
  • How is the Nigerian crypto market?
  • How is Quidax different from existing exchanges? Features? Offerings
  • What are Quidax trading volumes – 2019 vs 2020 and pre-Covid vs Post-Covid?
  • What are your future plans for Quidax
  • Where do you see Quidax and the crypto market in Nigeria and Africa – 2-5 years from now?

To learn more about Quidax Exchange, check out the resource below:




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