Bitcoin Breaks the $15, 500 Mark, the Highest Since January 2018

Bitcoin has broken a major resistance after smashing past the $15, 500 mark which puts it at having year-to-date gains of over 100%.

The last time bitcoin was trading at this rate was on January 2018, shortly after the epic 2017 bitcoin bull run.


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The current bitcoin rally comes amid an ongoing and highly-contested US election and as global equities rally.

Below are some stats on the current bull-run:

  • 110% rise in bitcoin price in 2020 so far
  • Accumulation addresses up by 20% in 2020 so far
  • Bitcoin now 80% of its all time high, the closest it has ever been to full recovery
  • Over 100 days and counting of bitcoin above $10, 000
  • Bitcoin at highest levels for 33 months
  • Bitcoin has rallied 42% up since the start of Q4, 2020 – less than 2 months
  • Total bitcoin moved is now greater than during the bitcoin 2017 bull run suggesting a stronger position than ever
  • More than half of U.S. investors are interested in investing in bitcoin in 2020
  • 97% of bitcoin addresses now in profit
  • 50% of bitcoin addesses only hold 0.0001 bitcoin


  • Accumulation addresses – addresses with incoming bitcoin transfers that have never spent the funds – are proof that institutional investments are flowing into bitcoin.

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