The Blockchain 50 Ranking of the Most Promising Blockchain and Crypto Startups 2020 List – No African Made the List

CB Insights, a top technology and intelligence analysis platform, has published the first-even ranking of the 50 most promising companies within the blockchain and crypto ecosystem.

This year’s winners included consumer and enterprise-facing companies focused on payments, remittances, asset provenance, and compliance among other use cases.


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The list includes companies from across the globe. However, no African startup or company made it to the top 50 list.

Below is a list of The Blockchain 50 list:

  • Abra (United States)
  • Alchemy (United States)
  • AlphaPoint (United States)
  • Anchorage (United States)
  • Axoni (United States)
  • Bakkt (United States)
  • Binance (Undisclosed)
  • Bitcoin Suisse AG (Switzerland)
  • BitGo (United States)
  • BitFury (Netherlands)
  • Bitmain (China)
  • BitPanda (Austria)
  • Bitwala (Germany)
  • (United Kingdom)
  • BlockFi (United States)
  • Chainalysis (United States)
  • CipherTrace (United States)
  • Clearmatics (United Kingdom)
  • Coinbase (United States)
  • Coinfirm (United Kingdom)
  • Coinmetrics (United States)
  • ConsenSys (United States)
  • CoolBitX (Taiwan)
  • Curv (United States)
  • Data Gumbo (United States)
  • Digital Asset (United States)
  • Digital Currency Group (United States)
  • Dlt Ledgers (Singapore)
  • ErisX (United States)
  • FireBlocks (United States)
  • Gemini (United States)
  • Guardtime
  • Ledger (France)
  • Metaco (Switzerland)
  • MonetaGO (United States)
  • Nivaura (United Kingdom)
  • R3 (United States)
  • Tokeny (Luxemburg)
  • TradeIX (Ireland)
  • Paxos (United States)
  • Seba Bank (Switzerland)
  • Securitize (United States)
  • SentBE (South Korea)
  • Symbiont (United States)
  • The TIE (United States)
  • PrimeTrust (United States)
  • Qedit (Israel)

Out of the above list, 5 of the companies are unicorns with a valuation of above $1 billion. These include:

  • BitFury
  • BitMain
  • CoinBase
  • Chainalysis
  • Digital Currency Group

34 out of the 50 companies above raised funding between 2019-2020 with 40% of them based outside the United States.

About CB Insights

CB Insights is a technology platform offering insights and intelligence analysis. It  aggregates and analyzes massive amounts of data by use of machine learning, algorithms and data visualization.


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