[WATCH] Bringing Institutional Investors into the Crypto Space – A Chat with Binance CEO and MicroStrategy CEO

MicroStrategy (Nasdaq: MSTR) is the largest independent publicly-traded business intelligence company, with the leading enterprise analytics platform.

In this chat, you will learn the following:

  • How macro-economics of 2020 moved MicroStrategy to invest in bitcoin
  • Why bitcoin is a true store of value
  • Why March 2020 was an inflection point
  • How to 100x the bitcoin economy

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Here are some key gems from the discussion:

  • There is $300 trillion dollars in fiat which is going to be cut in half in the next 5 years – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • There is a mad scramble to find a store of value – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • Bitcoin is the answer to the 7.8 billion people who all have collapsing currencies – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • Every rational investor today knows inflation is coming – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • KYC don’t scale very well, but our goal is to keep everything up and running as more people enter the space – CEO, Binance
  • I’m not worried about the crypto economy as I believe we will do very well – CEO, Binance
  • You can put 1-2% of your investment into bitcoin without any leverage – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • Bitcoin is engineered to be superior to gold in every aspect – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • The market gets scary and people run to safe haven. You need to position bitcoin as the safe haven so people run to it instead of sovereign debt – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • Gold is defective. It was the best store of value until we invented the computer – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • People are running to big tech, to gold, and sovereign – all are running to a store of value – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • The only reason people wouldn’t buy into a crypto asset as a treasury is because they wouldn’t understand it or if they show up to an exchange, they’re confused – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • If you saw bitcoin vs Tesla volatility, Tesla is more volatile – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • Crypto trading is not for everyone – CEO, Binance
  • You need to frame the investment hypothesis for people in order to attract the money into the industry – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • Bitcoin is .1% of the ocean of investible asset – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • As Binance, you got the makings of the bloomberg of the space if you actually started to add the bond and stock metrics on there – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • I have investments for 30 years in US sovereign bonds, and in many days, they are more volatile – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • Tesla is the poster child of volatile – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • Bitcoin is engineered virtual gold – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • If God designed virtual gold in cyber space, he would have designed bitcoin. People that know this know that God’s name is Satoshi – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • Bitcoin is the world’s first thermodynamically sound monetary network – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • Bitcoin is Facebook for money, Google for money, and YouTube for money – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • If I had approached the board in February to invest in bitcoin, they would never have agreed to it. – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • The people we want to appeal to are the people in gold. That is $10 trillion right there. The other bucket is people in Bonds. – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • Gold was the best investment until we invented the computer. It was a good idea until it became not a good idea. – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • I have the Binance yellow burned into my head. You got the makings of Bloomberg in the space – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • Apple and Google will have to respond to Square. – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • Bitcoin is better than gold or silver because you can engineer it into an app or other platforms. Nobody is going to engineer another feature into gold. You can’t. – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • If you need to leave wealth to your grandkids in 100 years, how are you gonna do it? There is no guarantee any of these companies are going to be here in 100 years. – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • Find me the best long-duration asset in the world. The current assets are closed and they leak every year. – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • Bitcoin is truly deflationary and this has been proven in 2020 more than at any other time. – CEO, Binance
  • Bitcoin is like a base level life-form. – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • March 2020 was a wake up call. April was a call for the truth. In May, it was clear to me this was the future. – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • If you want a store of value, it needs to transcend any company or government for it to be truly competitive. It has to be owed or controlled by no one. – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • No one can change the law of gravity. No matter how rich you are, if you overstep it, you die. You need something like that in cyber space. – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • I think bitcoin is the solution to the problems of the 7.8 billion people in the world. They just don’t know it yet. – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • If you introduce something to people that looked exactly the same 5 years ago, then building on it is pretty safe. – CEO, MicroStrategy
  • Corporations usually hold debt instruments (short duration debt), not even gold. They will thus consider bitcoin only as a store of value. – CEO, MicroStrategy

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