Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, Now Running a Bitcoin Node

Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey, is officially running a Bitcoin node according to his latest tweet.

Tweeting the phrase ‘Running Bitcoin’ which was made famous by Hal Finney, the second person to mine Bitcoin in January 2009 after the creator Satoshi Nakamoto, Jack seems to be more determined than ever to push the decentralized finance with a focus on Bitcoin.


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As of this writing, there are now over 7, 500 reachable nodes (some are hidden) with the top 5 countries distribution as follows:

  • Germany – 1, 707 (22.6%)
  • United States – 1, 583 (21.02%)
  • France – 605 (8%)
  • Netherlands – 413 (5.48%)
  • Canada – 302 (4%)

The bitcoin node distribution in Africa is as follows:

  • South Africa – 15
  • Seychelles – 6
  • Algeria – 1
  • Ghana – 1
  • Kenya – 1

Jack is a big advocate of bitcoin and has repeatedly said that its likely going to be the currency of the Internet.

In addition to advocating for bitcoin, Jack has also committed to the cause by funding developer efforts within the social media space and pushing for more decentralization, even right within Twitter.

Jak is also a firm believer in Africa leading the way in crypto use and adoption and has even met a number of African entrepreneurs in the space during his 2019 tour of Africa.


What is a Bitcoin Node?

A Bitcoin node is software running the Bitcoin blockchain. It stores every transaction ever made on the Bitcoin network and checks whether they are all valid transactions. It also enables someone to create transactions and submit them to the network.


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