Celebrating Women in the African Blockchain and Crypto Space – International Women’s Day 2021

Across the African content, there are a number of remarkable women who are playing an influential and crucial role in education, awareness, and trading.

Similar to previous years, BitKE took some time to talk to some of these phenomenon women across the continent and highlight some of their achievements over the past year.


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“2020 & 2021 have been the ultimate roller coaster in both uncertainty and opportunity. I’ve seen my uncle fighting to beat cancer as a warrior, winning over chemo, and his resilience has inspired me to be grateful for the gift of life and people who are close to me. It’s this inspiration that I gladly extend to fellow women aspiring to work in the blockchain ecosystem on the continent by saying this: your part is enough.

You don’t need to be more than what you are; you only need to be the best at what you’re doing to be an ecosystem builder.

To every lawyer, accountant, economist, marketer, software developer, manager and educator out there, be the best you can.”

                   – Roselyn Wanjiru, PesaBase


“The crypto and blockchain space was incredibly male dominated when I first became aware of bitcoin some years ago but I’m encouraged to see how it has evolved, particularly over the last 2-3 years. I’ve met several women who are trading and investing in cryptocurrencies, developing blockchain solutions or have built start-ups and businesses in this space. I think they have realised that there are so many opportunities in this industry and that it is inclusive regardless of your background. It has of course, also become easier to become involved due to the wealth of information available.

When we started the Bitcoin and Blockchain Africa Conferences in 2015 in South Africa, there were very few women who would attend or speak at the events. Now, 7 years later this has improved but generally we still see males accounting for 70% of the audience and as speakers.

I feel there is a lack of gender discrimination in this space and that education is key to getting more women involved.”

                     – Sonya Kuhnel, Founder, Bitcoin Events, South Africa


“The year through 2020 – 2021 has been a great year, though 2020 was the year of the pandemic which had an impact on businesses and jobs. 

This has made me realize the place of remote working and I would say it has been a thriving period for many.

I started teaching women how to attain financial inclusion through trading cryptocurrencies.

2020 into 2021, My community, Crypto Lioness, grew as people started paying attention to blockchain and crypto. Hence, I would say that it has been a favorable year for me as we leveraged on the times to deliver blockchain education through trading cryptocurrencies for financial inclusion to many.

My team and I are making sure that African women and the online community are kept afloat with the myriads of opportunities in the blockchain space.”

                      – Ojuederie Doris – Founder, Crypto Lioness


“2020 was a time of being grounded for me and looking at real use for Blockchain within my community and for women. I saw grounded growth in my career. The pandemic also brought about a new realization and highlighted the importance of Blockchain and tech in general. 2021 is the year of movement for me, the year of effecting real change.

Women need to take the drivers seat, we are nurturers and the change we need to see. We need to believe in ourselves more.

We are capable of more than we think.”

                      – Yaliwe Soko,  South Africa Eco Lead at cLabs / Chair-person at UABA


“It’s a great time for Africa, not just in crypto but generally as well. As a woman in a male-dominated industry, receiving that much-needed support and having continual opportunities to grow is incredibly important.

And as an African woman in a global industry, my aspiration is to leave my mark and make it easier for those who come after me.”

             – Yvonne Kagondu, Kenya Community Lead, Paxful



“2020 and 2021 has been kind to me amidst the Covid 19 Pandemic. It was an year where I was learning how to juggle between career and motherhood – being a first time mother it can be abit overwhelming.

I am thankful for family and friends. A good support system goes a long way as I transitioned from my career in Finance to more of Business Development.

This means that we can always choose a different path in life , at whatever stage. To all the women out there, you can always dream and define your own path!”

                        – Juliana Mwangi, Bitzlato Africa



“The year 2021 was a year of awakening and it has spilt over to the year 2021. Women have always played a big role in the crypto space. We are not temporary shareholders neither do we seat at the back of the bus where crypto or finances is involved.

However, beyond the IWD 2021, women can continue to play a bigger role by creating hedge funds strictly run by women and for women, setting up crypto funds for women in businesses and teaching more women the benefits of cryptocurrency trading and how they can build wealth his this format.

For me, I have taken a stance to dispel FoMo and focus on teaching cryptocurrency and the freedom it offers in simple layman terms.”

                 – Rebecca Asseh, Board member, Black Women in Blockchain Council (BWBC, Head of Communication, Future Proof intelligence (FINT).



2021 has been an awakening year for me in the crypto space. I’m dedicated to teaching as many people as possible about blockchain technology, especially women. I’ve starting to see a number of ladies in my circle gaining interest in cryptocurrencies.

When I started out, there were just a few women in the space to look up to. And now the number keeps increasing. I’ve been encouraged by them and I’m also encouraging others.

I’ve been asked by my fellow ladies for business ideas, and often businesses need a lot of requirements to start out. I’d like to encourage all the ladies out there to learn about crypto because it doesn’t need prior knowledge or experience to start out.

You can be whatever you want to be, it’s the mindset that matters.

Racheal Kabanyoro,
Blockchain Educator





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