Paxful, Africa’s Largest P2P Bitcoin Marketplace, Partners with Xago, a South African XRP On and Off-Ramp

Paxful, the leading P2P bitcoin marketplace in Africa, has partnered with the South African exchange, Xago, to enable more South Africans gain access to cryptocurrencies.

The new partnership now means that Xago users can trade with individuals on the Paxful platform.


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Xago is a South African based fiat on and off-ramp linking heavily into the Ripple XRP ledger.

According to the press release, the partnership with see the two brands ‘offer a localized solution to help South Africans use cryptocurrencies in everyday life for payments or as a medium of exchange for example.’

This partnership comes amid an ongoing effort by Xago to expand across the continent and other emerging markets.

In a recent interview with BitKE, Xago CEO, Mark Chirnside, said that the company is looking to expand across the continent via a retail chain allowing users to load, withdraw, spend, and move money across different African countries.

Some of the countries Xago is looking to enter soon are Ghana and Kenya.

Xago also recently partnered with BitMama, a Nigerian-based exhange, to deliver the digital ZAR across the continent.


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