[WATCH] On the Early Bitcoin Days in Kenya – A Chat with Pelle, Founder, Kipochi, the First Bitcoin Wallet to Integrate with M-PESA

BitKE caught up with Pelle Braendgaard, the founder of Kipochi, the first Bitcoin wallet and the first to integrate M-PESA into a crypto product.

Started back in 2012-2013, Kipochi would come to define and introduce bitcoin in Kenya and East Africa, and come face-to-face with Safaricom and the regulator – The Central Bank of Kenya.


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The regulatory encounter would eventually spill over with Safaricom and the CBK and see the next crypto success story in Kenya, the BitPesa Exchange, get shutdown by Safaricom – the company behind M-PESA and the largest mobile money provider in East Africa.

In this podcast, we discuss:

  • Pelle’s journey in the crypto space so far
  • What is Kipochi and how it began
  • What forced Kipochi out of the market
  • What happened between Kipochi and Safaricom
  • What happened between Kipochi and Central Bank of Kenya
  • Pelle’s view of regulation
  • Lessons for entrepreneurs
  • Current projects as CEO of Notabene

Pelle is the CEO of Notabene, a company helping other companies manage regulatory and counterparty risk in crypto transactions.

Learn more about Notabene here: https://notabene.id/


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