Here are the Latest Top Trending Binance Smart Chain Projects and Pools as $BNB Hits All-Time Highs

The Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has been on a wild ride in recent weeks evidenced by the new all-time highs on the Binance Coin ($BNB) which powers the ecosystem.

Part of the massive BSC growth is brought on by the low gas fees compared to the Ethereum blockchain where gas fees make it almost impractical for some projects.


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Here are some of the key projects to look out for on the Binance Smart Chain and their market caps so far:

  • Binance Coin ($BNB) – $80.3B
  • PanCakeSwap ($CAKE) – $3.9B
  • 1Inch ($1INCH) – $872M
  • Origin Protocol ($OGN) – $545M
  • Swipe ($SXP) – $428M
  • JulSwap ($JUL) – $69M

As the value of $BNB has continued to rise, a few BSC projects have similarly seen impressive growth over the last few days. Some of these include:

  • Sishi – 239%
  • SFund – 112%
  • Nuts – 91%
  • Auction – 75%
  • Bake – 72%
  • Start – 67%
  • Cake – 52%
  • Bunny – 49%
  • BNB – 49%
  • Sparta – 40%

A deep dive into PanCakeSwap, the largest DEX on BSC, reveals that all the top 5 pools with the highest TVL (Total Value Locked) are pools with $BNB with a total value of over $7.6B. These are:

  • BTC – BNB
  • ETH – BNB
  • USDT – BNB


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