[PICTURES] A Look at the First FTX Exchange Campus Event in Kenya

FTX, one of the largest exchanges in the world, had its first successful physical event in Kenya on May 22, 2021.

The event was meant to introduce university students into the opportunities in cryptocurrencies with an orientation into FTX and its offerings, which are some of the best due to variety and simplicity of use.


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The event, sponsored by FTX Exchange, was attended by students from the Technical University of Kenya. It was hosted by FTX Campus ambassador, Dennis Thuita.

About 60 people were in attendance, most for the first time to a crypto event.

The FTX Campus outreach is intended to reach as many campuses in Kenya as possible with upcoming visits in Mombasa and Eldoret in the works.

Commenting on the growing interest in crypto across Africa, Alex Matu, Kenya Community Lead, FTX, said:

Crypto is quickly becoming a viable career path for African youth. Hundreds of thousands of Africans are now settled into crypto for the long term, as peer 2 peer traders, blockchain developers, futures traders, community managers, Yield Farmers on Decentralized Finance projects and many other opportunities that have emerged.

The space is growing at a rapid pace as traditional investors have just now started to allocate capital. There’s no barriers for youth who are keen to enter the space. Projects are launching everyday.

Find a project that serves the particular field you’re in eg Law, Medicine, Accounting, Finance, Agriculture, Energy, Writing etc and apply to volunteer to learn and help build.”

                                   – Kenya Community Lead, FTX

Speaking about the FTX Campus initiative in Kenya, Matu said:

FTX Africa is still looking to add more FTX ambassadors. So if you’re a university student out there, passionate about crypto, and are confident to share about FTX with peers, do apply.

Interested ambassadors can reach out via @FTXAfrica on Twitter, and anyone looking to link up with the FTX community check out @FTX_Africa on telegram.

                            – Kenya Community Lead, FTX


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