[MAY 15 – JUNE 7, 2021] Introducing the Solana Blockchain Season Hackathon – $25, 000 Dedicated to African Projects

The Solana blockchain protocol hackathon is here with us and includes over $1 million in prizes and seed funding to kickstart projects looking to build on the Solana decentralized protocol.

The hackathon is open to anyone with an internet connection and has reserved a $25, 000 prize pool for projects on the African continent.


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Solana is a fast, low-fee, and censorship-resistant blockchain designed to enable builders to quickly deploy and scale applications to billions of users globally.

As the Solana season heats up and projects start building and migrating onto the Solana blockchain, the upcoming hackathon is expected to see increased activity on the ecosystem.

The African chapter is supported by Blockchain Nigeria User Group and Bundle Africa among other players.

Below is a breakdown of the total prize allocation per category:

  • Grand prize – $30, 000
  • DeFi Track – $35K
  • Web3 Track – $35K
  • NFT Track – $35K

Solana is also giving builders an opportunity to compete for regional prizes:

  • China (supported by Serum and Raydium) – $125K
  • India (supported by Devfolio and CoinDCX) – $50K
  • Eastern Europe (supported by Hacken) – $155K
  • Brazil (supported by BRZ) – $25K
  • Africa (supported by Blockchain Nigeria User Group, Bundle Africa) – $25K
  • Vietnam (supported by Kyber, Coin98) – $25K

In an exclusive with Bitcoin KE, Chimezie Chuta, CEO / Founder, Blockchain Nigeria User Group, one of the organizations supporting the African chapter of the Solana hackathon, said:

“As you might have known, Blockchain Nigeria User Group (BNUG) has been on the forefront of driving adoption of blockchain technology in Nigeria and had identified the obvious lack of requisite skills in the region. This was what led us to initiate the BlockchainDev1000 geared towards raising at least 1000 developers within two years. This was what had led to various partnerships with IBM, VITE Labs, Tezos, Binance and now Solana.

It’s very important for Africans developers to keep abreast of every innovation going on in the blockchain space, because africa’s problems can truly be solved by Africans.

        – Founder, Blockchain Nigeria User Group

Among the key speakers and judges (including Africans) during the hackathon will include:

  • Sam Bankman Fried – CEO, FTX
  • Balaji Srinivasan – Angel investor
  • RAC – Grammy award winning artist
  • Robert Leshner – Founder, Compound
  • Jeremy Allaire – Founder, Circle (USDC)
  • Chimezie Chuta – Founder, Blockchain Nigeria User Group (BNUG)
  • Ali Yayha – General Partner, Andreessen Horowitz
  • Niraj Pant – General Partner, PolyChain
  • Bobby Ong – COO, CoinGecko
  • David Ratiney – Co-Founder, BonFida
  • Aaron Liang – VP, Engineering, CoinMarketCap
  • Anton Bukov – Co-Founder, 1inch
  • Akinyemi Akindele – Blockchain Engineer, Bundle Africa
  • Aaron K – Head of Listings, CoinMarketCap
  • Bolaji Onibudo – CEO, XendBit Exchange

Speaking to Bitcon KE, Yele Bademosi, CEO, Bundle Africa, said:

“At Bundle, we care about driving mainstream adoption for crypto in Africa and other frontier markets. A key part of that is the developer ecosystem across these markets, we are excited to partner with Solana on Solana Season to further grow the ecosystem and support exciting projects that will come from it”

                      – CEO, Bundle Africa


About Solana Hackathon

The Solana Season Hackathon is a competition where projects will be evaluated by judges on their technological merits without consideration of legal viability.

The virtual hackathon focused on allowing developers to experiment and leverage the Solana blockchain to create a plethora of projects spanning DeFi (Decentralized Finance), NFTs, and Web3.

Participants in the Hackathon will create software solely for purposes of evaluation by judges as part of a competition and not for commercial deployment or release as part of the Hackathon.

While participants are encouraged to build novel crypto apps, hackers can build infrastructure or any tool they believe will have an impact on the Solana ecosystem. The only requirement is that teams must incorporate Solana into their project in some way.

All participants must comply with applicable laws and regulations when releasing any software that they develop as part of the Hackathon.


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