Introducing Solanium – A Highly Interactive and Sleek Decentralized Fundraising and Trading Platform on the Solana Blockchain

Solanium, a decentralized platform on the Solana blockchain, is among the trendy projects making waves amidst the ongoing Solana Season frenzy.

The platform, which seeks to launch 3 services on Solana, fronts a sleek look and feel that it hopes will help onboard new users onto the Solana protocol.


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Among the features it hopes to introduce includes:

  • Decentralized fundraising
  • Time-weighted token staking – Staking native token for fee distribution, exclusive pool access and governance
  • Fundraising pools – Everyone can create a pool with finalized pools being able to create market and start trading

So far, the project has already crossed over 100. 000 users across its various social media channels with increased interest across the blockchain space, particularly within the Solana ecosystem.





To participate in the Solanium whitelist:

  • Go to
  • Connect your Sollet wallet
  • Verify your wallet – no transaction fee
  • Connect your Telegram
  • Connect your email

If you complete the above first 4 steps you are atuomatically added as a participant in the airdrop and in the public sale lottery! If you have a winning lottery ticket you have to verify your identity.

The public sale will be allocated to about 1, 000 participants with an individual cap of $1, 000 USD worth of $SOL tokens.

Once the whilelist closes, there will be a lottery where the winners will get the $SLIM token for 0.2 USD per SLIM in order to raise the required $1 million.

All early supporters will receive a guaranteed airdrop where 1 million $SLIM tokens will be distributed across all participants.

Click here to get started with Solanium.


Read / Download the Solanium one pager document here


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