Leading IDO Platform, PolkaStarter ($POLS), Gets Listed on the Largest Exchange, Binance

After a long wait, PolkStarter, the leading initial dex offering (IDO) platform, has finally been listed on Binance, the largest exchange globally by volume.

The listing announcement comes a month after refinable, the first project to launch exclusively on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC), got listed on the platform.


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Starting on May 19, 2021, $POLS tokens will now be available on Binance with the following trading pairs:

  • POLS / BTC
  • POLS / BNB

The PolkaStarter BSC contract address is available here: http://bit.ly/PolkaStarterBSC

PolkaStarter is the prefered fundraising platform for many projects due to its fixed ratio swaps that help prevent typical volatility of tokens being sold by providing transparency to both users and investors.

Fixed swaps enable projects to cap how much individuals can invest which is a great way of preventing short-term pump and dumps that generally results in tokens losing value.

To particpate in the purchase of tokens on a PolkaStarter IDO, you need to hold $POLS tokens in order to enter a pool.

$POLS pools can only be participated in by individuals whose addresses have been whitelisted. In order to get whitelisted, you can either:

  • Hold $POLS on Ethereum or BSC – For every 250 $POLS, you receive one ‘ticket’ in the whitelist selection
  • Provide liquidity to the UniSwap ETH-POLS pool / BNB-POLS pool (available on PanCakeSwap) – each LP token is equivalent to 100 $POLS or 2.5 LP tokens for one ‘ticket’

Among the top successful PolkaStarter IDOs include:

  • Ethernity Chain ($ERN) – 272x
  • SuperFarm ($SUPER) – 189.3x
  • Polkamon ($PMON) – 185.5x
  • PolkaMarkets ($POLK) – 155.3x
  • PAID Network ($PAID) – 150x
  • Refinable ($FINE) – 136.8x
  • AntiMatter ($MATTER) – 122.7x


About PolkaStarter

Polkastarter (POLS) is a decentralized fundraising platform running on BSC and Ethereum. $POLS is the native utility token of Polkastarter, and is used for IDO whitelisting, governance, staking and liquidity mining.

Polkastarter is an IDO platform that connects early-stage projects with community members. Through fixed pool swaps, projects that raise through Polkastarter distribute tokens to these early community members in exchange for capital.

The goal of the platform is to provide an all-in-one solution for all blockchain and DEX needs a project might have. Crowdfunding on Polkastarter isn’t limited only to ERC-20 tokens on Ethereum and can be also done using BEP-20 tokens on Binance Smart chain.


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