Nigerian Crypto Exchange, Quidax, Sells Out $QDX Tokens on JulSwap and Raises Over $3 Million in Public Sale

Quidax, the Nigerian crypto exchange, has sold out its $QDX tokens and raised over $3 million on the JulPad launchpad.

Quidax raised over 7, 772 BNB tokens during the public sale in less than 48hrs during a period of high volatility in the crypto space.


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The $QDX Token contract address is available here:

$QDX is currently listed on the JulSwap DEX and on the Quidax exchange where investors can claim their tokens while also making it tradable to anyone looking to invest in the token.

Following the successful raise, Quidax is now loking to list several Binance Smart Chain (BSC) tokens starting with BNB.

In addition, $QDX token holders will soon be able to stake and earn token airdrops from every other token that gets listed on the exchange. Fees on the Quidax exchange will also be paid via the token as well.

In addition, an airdrop has also been scheduled for June 2021 for Quidax and JulSwap community members that hold QDX.

As part of the Quidax roadmap, the exchange is also looking to launch a self-service listing that will serve BEP20 projects looking to list on the Quidax exchange within 24hrs. The listing service is expected to go live in August 2021.

All the above developments are part of Quidax’s longterm goals to be the home of BEP20 tokens, giving anyone access to tokens on the Binance Smart Chain.


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