[WATCH] Regulators are Actively Thinking About What We Say – A Chat with CEO, CentBee, a Regulated South-African Crypto Wallet Service

BitKE caught up with Angus Brown, CEO, CentBee, to talk about the company’s recent moves within South Africa and beyond.

Angus has over 20 years of experience in the banking industry helping design technology products for banks. He also has a lot of experience dealing with regulators within the South African space.

CentBee raised 1 million pounds to build out the product and expand its offerings.

CentBee is one of only a few startups in South Africa onboarded onto the South Africa regulatory sandbox by IFWG to test out crypto remittance in and out of South Africa.


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In this discussion, we talk:

  • CentBee history
  • The idea behind the creation of CentBee
  • User experience on the platform
  • Relationship with the regulators / Regulation
  • Raising £1 Million for Centbee
  • Experience building on Bitcoin SV (BSV)
  • Breakdown on BSV
  • The SandBox experience/ lessons/ reason behind joining
  • Advise other startups, entrepreneurs who are building products

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