East African Crypto OTC Desk, MUDA, Expands its Service Offerings to 10 African Markets

MUDA, a crypto firm based out of Kampala, Uganda, has announced it is expanding its OTC desk across the continent by introducing a new product called ‘The Deal Room.’

The established OTC desk, which has been available for East African clients since it started in 2019, will now be available across the continent, with the service listing current operations in the following locations:

  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Tanzania
  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Burundi
  • South Africa
  • Dubai
  • Ivory coast
  • Zambia
  • Congo


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According to MUDA’s CEO, Suleiman Murunga, ‘The Deal Room’ is mainly tailored for large P2P traders and businesses that do cross border trade.

Traders can pay or receive cash in any of the available currency pairs in the mentioned countries.

Speaking on the launch of ‘The Deal Room,’ Suleiman said:

“We have been working very hard in the background trying to push the crypto space forward because we strongly believe that it will generate a lot of opportunities for the youth to generate sustainable incomes and wealth.

We strongly believe that crypto will generate a lot of opportunities for the youth to generate sustainable incomes and wealth.”

                                            – Managing Director, MUDA

According to MUDA, the OTC desk processes over $2 million in daily volume, providing users with access to deep liquidity across multiple African currencies.

The huge liquidity allows users to buy large amounts of crypto using local currencies and payment methods such as:

  • Mobile money
  • Cash
  • Bank transfers

at affordable rates.

The OTC desk is mainly used by clients conducting P2P trades, as well as businesses engaged in cross-border trade.

MUDA is also working with the Uganda National Museum to create a NFT collections of the best artifacs from the museum.

The firm provides the following services:

  • DeFi platform
  • NFT staking
  • Crypto exchange

In the coming weeks, MUDA is looking to launch its online exchange and also conduct a token sale.


Get started in buying, selling, and managing your crypto assets on MUDA here.


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