[WATCH] LocalBitcoins, Leading P2P Bitcoin Marketplace in Africa, Removes All Deposit Fees for Incoming Transactions

Localbitcoins, a leading peer to peer bitcoin marketplace in Africa, now offers zero deposit fees for all incoming transactions to a users wallets.

This means when you’re receiving bitcoin to your LocalBitcoins wallet, you won’t be charged any fees.

Previously you had to pay a deposit fee when sending bitcoin to your LocalBitcoins account.

However, there is still a minimum deposit amount that users will pay depending on the price of bitcoin.


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The platform is popular with users across Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Tanzania and other African countries.

This latest news adds to the suite of features users can get from the site.

Advantages of Using Localbitcoins P2P

  • Users can recover passwords if they verify their ID
  • Accounts between 2 Localbitcoins accounts are free
  • One of the lowest pricing structures in the industry
  • Zero deposit fees
  • Zero fees when buying or selling bitcoin
  • Zero withdrawal fees – only blockchain fees apply
  • Users are charged a 1% fee for placing ads


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