EXPLAINER GUIDE: How to Connect Your MetaMask to OpenSea to Buy and Mint NFTs

To begin buying, minting, or selling Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), one needs to set up an Ethereum-based wallet like MetaMask.

However, you also need to make sure your wallet is funded with ETH.

With a funded wallet, the incredible world of NFTS is at your reach.

Not only is OpenSea the pioneer marketplace for NFTs, it also has the most NFT activity by far, with all time trading volume of $5.48 billion, making it the ideal place to get started trading NFTs.


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First steps

The first page you will see on OpenSea is this one where you are presented with the following:

  • Explore / create an NFT
  • View a few exclusive OpenSea drops
  • Trending NFTs
  • Resources to get started
  • Browse NFTs by categories

It is easy to create an account on OpenSea once your wallet is all set up.

The marketplace presents you with a wallet icon at the top right corner.

Click on the wallet icon upon which a list of supported wallets will show up.

Select MetaMask from the list.

Exploring and Purchasing a NFT

The fun part we all want is to look at the NFTs and select the most attractive and / or valuable ones.

First of all, you can explore NFTs minted by creators across the world and you can do this by simply browsing by category or clicking on Marketplace > All NFTs.

To purchase an NFT, simply select an asset from the list. If you’d like to, you can apply filters which let you sort by price, categories, chains, and more.

Once you’ve selected your preferred asset, click on Buy Now and agree to OpenSea’s terms, after which, you can now click on Checkout.

You may be wondering about the infamously high gas fees.

Once you finish the prior process, your wallet, MetaMask will pop up to confirm your transaction, showing you the gas costs for completing the transaction.

After you click Accept, wait for a few moments for your purchase to confirm on the Ethereum blockchain. You can click the EtherScan link that is provided just to make sure, and voila!, the asset will then show up in your MetaMask wallet and in your OpenSea profile.

Minting an NFT

What about if you want to mint a NFT?

There is a simple 4-step process for that. However, the first step is already covered since we already connected our wallet with OpenSea.

We only need these three steps to mint an NFT on OpenSea.

  • Create your Collection – You will need you to add some details about your NFT such as images, name, URL, description, blockchain you’re adding the NFT to, payment tokens etc
  • Add your NFTs – Add a description and other details related to the specific item such as the supply limit among others
  • List for Sale – You can set a fixed price, highest bid, or bundle for the NFT listing

Okay, thats it, you are about done!

With all the above 3 steps completed, you can sign the transaction from your wallet, which requires gas fees, and your item will get listed on the marketplace.


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