Introducing Santym – a Bordeless NeoBank that Supports Bitcoin and Stablecoins for African Businesses

Santym is borderless account that allows anyone from the world to open a U.S. bank account from the comfort of their home in just 5 minutes.

The innovative neobank, which calls itself a ‘PayPal for Africans,’ allows you to accept USD from anyone in the world by Wire / ACH.

In addition, the account also enables you to receive bitcoin and stablecoins becoming one of the first African companies to allow Africans to convert dollars to cryptocurrencies.


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Speaking to BitKE, Mathias, the CEO / Co-founder, Santym, said:

“If you are an importer/exporter, travel agent business, software developer, or anyone who does international business and/or needs a U.S. bank account (with optional crypto integration), Santym is your choice.”

                                       – CEO, Santym

Santym allows you to open either a business or a personal account quickly in about 5 minutes, but some accounts might take up to 3 business days.

Santym touts itself as a bridge between traditional finance and crypto for Africans that fixes international payment issues.

Below are Santym offerings:

  • KYC / AML compliance
  • U.S. bank account ownership
  • Crypto custody
  • ACH + Interntional Wire
  • Interest-earning accounts from 4-12% APY

Santym has already secured trusted custodian and wallet partners to provide compliance and trusted remittance services across Africa.

The startup is founded by 2 Ethiopian entrepreneurs, Mathias Abdissa and Yeabsra Hailu, who are both passionate with years of experience in building e-Commerce and crypto solutions for Africa.


NB: Look out for an upcoming exclusive BitKE interview with the Santym CEO.


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