[WATCH] Solving Ethereum Scalability Challenges with ZK-Rollups in Africa – A Chat with Antoni, Enterprise Lead, Polygon

Polygon recently acquired Hermez, a ZK-rollups protocol, for $250 million to expand its offerings.

The acquisition gave birth to the new outfit, dubbed Polygon-Hermez, with the team recently visiting Africa to understand the blockchain and crypto landscape on the continent.

BitKE caught up with the lead team to discuss the Polygon partnership and how Polygon is looking to position itself across the African continent.

In this discussion we talk:

  • Hermez as a scalibility solution
  • Building side-chains on Ethereum
  • Making ZK-rollups practical to real users
  • Collaborative efforts within Polygon
  • Onboarding the next 1 billion users
  • Pushing for adoption in Africa
  • Advice to crypto entrepreneurs in Africa


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