WiCrypt Becomes First African Project to Launch on the Xend Launchpad

WiCrypt, an innovative decentralized mobile internet sharing and monetization network, has become the first project to launch on the Xend Launchpad.

WiCrypto, a platform for distributing internet and WiFi all over the globe, also lets users monetize with $WNT (Wicrypt Network Token) while sharing high-speed internet access with guests, customers, or their community, for free or at any chosen rate.

In the project, Wicrypt has introduced a collection of NFTs dubbed “The Outliers.” This collection is based on WiCrypt physical devices – referred to as Wicrypt Hotspot Creators, in an intriguing plan to share internet across different areas and peoples.

According to WiCrypt, the first set of Outlier NFTs are coupled with hotspot creators are 15, 000 in number and are intended to seamlessly connect IoTs with fast internet and the ability to customize and share WiFi.


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How the Project Works:

  • The Outliers/WiCrypt Hotspot Creator devices create hotspots for peer-to-peer internet sharing and IoT connections while also mining $WNT
  • Each device’s real-time information and data volume transfer is represented on the WiCrypt blockchain explorer and world map
  • The blockchain explorer creates an open data network of information and data transfer in different parts of the world on the blockchain

WiCrypt is selling 3,000 out of the 15, 000 devices on Xend Launchpad at a 20% discount including a giveaway of 100 $WNT Tokens for each device purchased.

For more instructions on how to participate in the WiCrypt project launch, you can go here.


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