[WATCH] ‘Africans Need to Integrate Blockchain and Crypto into Our Cultural Export’ – A Chat with CEO, Audacity Fund

BitKE caught up with Erikan, CEO and Founder of Audacity Fund.
The Audacity Fund is a non-profit organization that to intends to invest in African crypto startups, with a special focus on decentralized finance (DeFi), a name for blockchain-based initiatives that eliminate financial middlemen such as banks, allowing people to lend, borrow, and trade directly with one another.

Some of Audacity Fund’s portfolio companies includes:

  • Roll (DeFi, Creator Economy, DAO Tooling)
  • YellowCard (DeFi, Africa, CEX Exchange)
  • Ejara (DeFi, Africa, CEX Exchange)
  • Emerging Impact (DeFi, Emerging Markets, Africa)
  • NestCoin (DeFi, Africa, NFTs, DAO Tooling)
  • VS (social media, DeFi DAPP)
  • ADA (NFTs, Africa, DeFi)


Learn more about Audacity Fund here:




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