[IN PICTURES] Celo Blockchain Holds First Uganda Community Meetup in 2022 with Makerere University Students

On Friday, January 28 2022, the Celo Uganda community had a meet-up event at hotel J frigh in Makerere, Kampala, Uganda.

The event was targeting students from Makerere University and is the first of a series of monthly meet-ups scheduled for 2022 for the Celo community in Uganda.


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The event was attended by 61 students and was facilitated by one of the Celo ambassadors in Uganda, Brian Ahimbisibwe, with his team at @celo_ug (twitter) and Umar Sebyala, Celo Labs ecosystem lead for Uganda.

The meet-up initiative is aimed at growing the Celo community in Uganda with an emphasis on education about Celo, blockchain, cryptocurrencies and the relevant use cases associated with the technology.

According to Umar:

“The Celo foundation is committed to supporting initiatives around the world that foster the adoption of Celo and growth of the community around the platform. These meet-up events are a great way to activate local communities in an organic manner with the in-person experience now that the economy has been fully re-opened.”

The next community meet-up is scheduled for February and the details will be shared via the @celo_ug twitter page.

Celo is a mobile-first blockchain for emerging markets with over 1 million wallet addresses across 113 countries with emerging markets of Africa providing a real use case for the blockchain.


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