[WATCH] Akoin Sees Over $5 Million in Transactions with Over 35, 000 Active Users in Kenya – A Chat with Akoin Co-Founders

Akoin, the cryptocurrency founded by the global music artist and icon, Akon, has seen impressive growth in Kenya. The team at Akoin have been piloting their ecosystem in Mwale Medical Technology Centre (MMTC) in Kenya, with Akoin implemented as the main payment within the city.

In an exclusive interview with BitKE, Akoin co-founders, John Karas and Lynn Liss spoke about the Akoin app and product offering and extended features that make it easy to use and offer an interesting experience.

John is the President and Co-Founder of Akoin and Lynn is the COO and Co-founder of Akoin.

In this videos, we discuss the following:

– What problem is Akoin looking to solve?
– What sets you apart from other crypto projects in Africa?
– How did the pilot for Akoin go at Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC)?
– How does Akoin generate revenue?
– Talk to us about your plans to fuel the development of the African crypto space
– Can you give us a walkthrough on how you intend to bring crypto education in Africa? Any partnerships or stakeholders to assist in this?
– What is the motivation behind the Akoin Cities?
– What would be your advice to young entrepreneurs and people trying to get into the crypto space?

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