[WATCH] FTX Partners with AZA Finance, Formerly BitPesa, to Expand Crypto and Web3 in Africa

Global cryptocurrency exchange, FTX, has partnered with fintech company, AZA Finance, formerly BitPesa, to expand the adoption of Web3 and cryptocurrencies in Africa.

AZA Finance is Africa’s biggest non-bank currency broker leveraging digital assets.

In a press release on the AZA Finance website, CEO, Elizabeth Rossiello, said AZA Finance is now:

  • Operational in 10 African countries
  • Executed more than £200 billion in global transactions across 115+ countries
  • Enabled exchanged in 300+ currency pairs


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FTX and AZA Finance will partner to expand Web3 in Africa in 5 key ways:

  • Connect African markets to the global Web3 economy by building vital infrastructure
  • Create pathways for African users to participate and learn about the Web3 economy including educational resources & networking opportunities
  • Make it easier than ever to deposit and pay out in African currencies on FTX.com, including mobile money and local bank account integrations
  • Launch African currency and digital currency trading pairs
  • Onboard African NFTs and artists to the FTX NFT marketplace

According to Rossiello:

“As one of Africa’s first fintechs, operating for over 8 years with a team of more than 200 people from Dakar to Lagos to Kampala, we have the deepest knowledge on how to build a truly continental platform. We look forward to supporting FTX’s mission to bring Web3 truly worldwide.”

– CEO, AZA Finance

AZA Finance leverages digital currencies for transactions especially bitcoin for remittances and has built a successful crypto and payments company servicing a number of African countries.

Originally domiciled in Kenya, the company now has operations across different African countries.

AZA Finance facilitates FX and crypto payments services directly between the following currencies:

  • Kenya
  • Uganda
  • Senegal
  • South Africa
  • Nigeria
  • Tanzania
  • Ghana

Recently, FTX partnered with Chipper Cash by injecting $150 million into the African mobile payments startup.

The FTX investment into Chipper Cash is one of the ways that the crypto exchange is looking to enter the African continent by having an on and off-ramp for African users. A ‘Pay with Chipper Cash’ on the FTX exchange will be made available to African users.

The FTX and AZA Finance partnership adds a new layer to the FTX on and off-ramp across the 7 different markets to offer more crypto exposure to Africans.


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