[WATCH] YellowCard Re-Brands as it Expands Across Africa – A Chat with the CFO

YellowCard has unveiled its new corporate branding. These changes come at a time where the company has achieved significant milestones, including an impressive $15M Series A fundraise, and also reflect the transformation and strong positioning the company has on the African continent.

YellowCard is an African-focused crypto exchange with the largest geographical footprint on the continent with a presence in 16 countries and growing, with the latest country being Senegal as of April 2022.

Speaking about the new re-brand and what it means for the company, Chris Maurice, CEO, YellowCard, said:

“We want to be synonymous with crypto on the continent, so we needed a more cohesive brand identity. We put this together completely in-house with creatives from across Africa.

This rebrand gave us an opportunity to significantly improve the onboarding process and some other product flows.”

– CEO, YellowCard

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the 2 logos:

The company’s logo has been simplified, making use of leaf-like shapes for the “Y” and “C” alluding to growth and financial gains. When it comes to brand colours, yellow remains the cornerstone reflecting a young, playful, yet sophisticated customer. The purple represents the deep, richness and diversity of the customers while alluding to royal aspirations. And the teal softens and compliments the yellow and purple – bringing in warmth and freshness.

In the coming weeks, the new branding will be rolled out in different phases across the app, website, social media platforms, the play/app store as well as internal and external marketing and communications.

BitKE had an exclusive interview with the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at YellowCard, Alice Tomdio, to talk about the re-brand and what the new visual identity means for the brand.

Check out the interview above.


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