[WATCH] We Were Literally Just Months Away to Hitting $1 Billion in Monthly Transactions When the CBN Ban Happened, Says CEO, Patricia



BitKE caught up with Fejiro Hanu Agbodje, CEO, Patricia, one of the largest crypto exchanges in Africa, to talk about his journey and how he built the Patricia Exchange.

Patricia was the only and first exchange to sponsor the Big Brother Naija (BB Naija) in 2021 which, according to Hanu, was an expensive investment, but well worth it.

As of early 2021, Patricia had hit over 800, 000 users making it one of the leading crypto exchanges on the continent.

When asked how to start, Hanu said:


“Always put your best foot forward. Do the most. I started out Patricia at a point I did not know anything, literally. Every single day, I showed up everyday for 2 years straight.

There is no blueprint to success. Trust yourself and just go. If you fail, you learn lessons and fail forward. The world is not black and white. Just keep going.”

– CEO, Patricia


In this discussion, Hanu discusses the following:

  • Getting started and early beginnings of Patricia
  • Patricia and its unique offerings
  • The use cases of Patricia among users
  • How the crypto ban affected Patricia
  • The Patricia Big Brother Naija sponsorship
  • 2021 successes
  • New feature updates coming to Patricia
  • Hints on upcoming ventures
  • Advice to entrepreneurs in Africa



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