The Latest a16z Crypto Fund 4 Dedicates $1.5 Billion to Seed Investments for Crypto and Web3

a16z, the leading VC when it comes to investments in Web3, has announced the launch of the 4th crypto fund since 2013, Crypto Fund 4, set to total $4.5 billion.

The fund will dedicate:

  • Approximately $1.5B to seed investments
  • $3B to other stages of venture investments

bringing a16z’s total investments in crypto and Web3 since 2013 to over $7.6B. 

Seed funding is the first official equity funding stage. It typically represents the first official money that a business venture or enterprise raises.


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The fund follows up on crypto fund 3, and more than doubles its $2.2 billion value as a16z continues to make the biggest bets in crypto and Web3 startups.

In January 2022, a16z made its first investment in an African firm when it led a $20 million round in Carry1st, a games publisher based in South Africa.

According to Chris Dixon, a partner at a16z, we are now entering the golden era of Web3:

“Programmable blockchains are sufficiently advanced, and a diverse range of apps have reached tens of millions of users. More importantly, a massive wave of world-class talent has entered Web3 over the last year. They are brilliant and passionate and want to build a better internet.”

– Senior Partner, a16z

The fund will target a host of sections across Web3, including:

  • Web3 games
  • DeFi
  • Decentralized social media
  • NFT communities
  • Creator monetization

According to Chris, a16z is excited about developments in:

  • Self-sovereign identity
  • Layer 1 and layer 2 infrastructure
  • Bridges
  • DAOs & governance
  • Privacy
  • Regenerative finance
  • New applications of ZK proofs
  • Decentralized content & 
  • Story creation


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