Crypto Startups Raised Almost $36 Billion in H1 2022 – 30% of Web3 and Gaming NFTs Show ‘Signs of Maturity’

A total of $30.3 billion was raised by crypto startups in the first half of 2022, through 1,199 rounds, a new report by Messari has revealed.

Here are the stats as per the report:

  • CeFi (centralized solutions that leverage DeFi) attracted the most funding at $10.2 billion in over 222 rounds
  • Infrastructure projects drew $9.7 billion over 252 rounds
  • Web3 and NFTs, which were categorized together, raised $8.6 billion in over 530 rounds
  • DeFi projects raised $1.8 billion through 195 rounds


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The report further shows the performance of all 4 key sectors over the last 6 months with clear indication of the change month-over-month:

Among the highlights of funding activity over the last 6 months include:
  • In Q2 2022, NFT projects building outside of Ethereum raised more than NFT projects on Ethereum by $1.8 billion
  • In H1 2022, Gaming NFTs raised 4x as much capital as other NFT sectors, leaving this sector on a ‘class of its own.’
  • While DeFi fundrasing has shrunk compared to 2020 and 2021, the report established rising activity in June 2022, with DeFi projects raising $624 million, which was 2x as much as the amount raised in any other month in H1 2022
  • 71% of DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) projects that raised were in the seed stage
  • 30% of Web3 projects that raised were in Series A rounds demonstrating that Web3 projects have ‘started to mature’


  • 112 rounds were early stage
  • 14 were late stage for Web3

Finally, the $30.3 billion raised so far has outpaced the $30.2 billion raised in 2021.


Read / Download the full report here:


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