Nigeria’s HashGreed Raises $1 Million for NFT Platform Expansion

HashGreed, which is not only a NFT marketplace, but also a multipurpose NFT and super dApp platform, has raised more than $1 million in funding towards scaling across Nigeria and beyond. 

The Hashgreed platform is designed to help both individuals and businesses experience Web3 solutions for creatives, commerce, and asset tokenisation. It is describes itself as a multi-purpose dApp platform for file, agreements, email certification along with NFT marketplace, DeFi, and WorkFi solutions.

The platform supports a variety of functions, incuding:

  • Create, sell, and buy art NFTs
  • Shop on Hashdealz, its Web3-powered e-commerce category
  • Own fractional real estate NFTs
  • Hire and pay freelancers using crypto and stablecoins
  • Save and earn in dollar stablecoins like $BUSD and $KUSD
  • Send money to others via African stablecoins


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Hashgreed also makes NFTs accessible to Nigerians via its own Naira stablecoin called $HASH, and plans to release stablecoins of several major African currencies shortly. 

Moreover, Hashgreed is built on Krosschain Ecosystem which incorporates a blockchain, various other dApps, and a launchpad program.

Efosa Ighodaro, Founder and CEO of Vinekross Technology Limited, the parent company of Krosscoin Ecosystem, said the funding will enable Vinekross to pursue registration with the Nigeria Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) as it prepares for an ICO event in the coming months. 

In a statement, Efosa said:

“Vinekross is determined to be the largest native blockchain ecosystem and community in Africa, through very safe and sound tokenomics and governance where all outstanding tokens are governed by the KSS holders. We would like to be a company trading on the Nigerian Stock Exchange in a couple years.”

– CEO, HashGreed

Hashgreed is currently running the ‘Hash Africa Campaign’ where it aims to onboard 100,000 users by October 2022.


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