Time Out Community Event with Bitfinex Kenya

Time out with Bitfinex is a community event created by and for the Bitfinex African community.

Everyday, there are different financial challenges in the African economy and its no longer news that people are trying to get better alternatives to overcome these challenges so they can preserve their wealth and provide for their families. Many people have tilted towards cryptocurrency for an answer to all these financial woes.
Bitfinex is a digital asset trading platform offering state-of-the-art services for digitalcurrency traders and global liquidity providers. As a cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2012, Bitfinex has always been at the forefront of technological innovation in digital asset trading. 
The Bitfinex team has gained invaluable experience in blockchain technology while the platform has cemented its position as the go-to place for digital asset traders and institutions to trade. As a result of this, Bitfinex is not only a trading tool but it is also a digital asset that serves as a tool for financial freedom for its its users. 
The Bitfinex African community @BFXLeosAfrica is a local African community that supports the Bitfinex brand and works to lead a community that has similar interests as well.
Time out with Bitfinex is a community event created by and for the Bitfinex Africancommunity. The first event was held in Lagos, Nigeria and now we took the fun toNairobi Kenya. We intend to go around Africa with this initiative to continually createawareness for the Bitfinex brand and promote financial freedom among the people in the African region. 
Attendance for the event is free, with essential educational resources covered by the community.
The Kenya edition was graced with the attendance of 3 crypto industry leaders in Kenya:
  • Yvonne Kagondu, Founder, Kenya Blockchain Ladies DAO
  • Olive Nkirote, a cryptocurrency coach & content creator
  • Frank Deya, a crypto Enthusiast

anchored the event with so much life and knowledge.

 The event began with a welcome and introduction of guests followed by a panel discussion about cryptocurrency trading, how to go about it, and what best methods to use. Guests also participated by asking relevant questions about trading and Bitfinex. It was a very insightful event, and we are really excited about another successful Time Out with Bitfinex powered by Bitfinex African community @BFTLeosAfrica.  
About Bitfinex
Bitfinex is one of the leading and oldest trading platforms in the world. Bitfinex’s strategy provides unparalled support, tools, innovation for professional traders and liquidity providers worldwide. They also provide adequate support for those that are new in the crypto space by providing a weekly educational issue ‘The Bitfinex Alpha” put together by professional market analysts that would help make better financial decisions. Bitfinex also provides support to users through local communities all over the world and engages in various charity programs. During the current bear market, Bitfinex has been one of the only exchanges that are keeping up with the new token listings, community events, and regular giveaways.
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